Denny Wong Blue Diamond Crab Pendant, 14K 2-Tone


The crab is 14k 2-tone, all the claws are moveable, There are 18 brilliant bead set blue diamonds .30ct twt. including 1 in each eye.
Aprox 1 ” diagonally across, 18 diamonds

Denny Wong pendants are a staple here at Island Sun Jewelers. Denny Wong designs started creating his pendants and other jewelry in 1981. The hallmark of his pieces are workmanship, detail and quality. Denny Wong designs innovative creations that have won numerous awards and been featured international jewelry magazines. Denny Wong has created many fine lines of pendants associated with Hawaii. Denny Wong’s line of jewelry fine pieces includes 14k gold plumeria flowers, whales, dolphins, marine life, Tahitian pearls and other gemstones come alive in his designs.

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